Research, Education, ROS

Motoman Robots in Research and Education

Robotics has always been a large playfield of research activities. Many break-through robotic technologies, like Machine Vision, Force Sensing or Joining application technologies have been pioneered by Universities or (attached) Research labs. Innovations are caught up by start-ups and grow into industrial and commercial use.

As Robotics is rated to be one of the most important High-Tech Megatrend Technologies, it is essential to teach students in development and use of robotic technology, and inspiring them to contribute to the big rise of the robotics key technology.

YASKAWA are actively supporting this scene, participating on public funding projects, teaching at conferences or seminars, providing latest robotic equipment (e.g. education cells) and - providing the software interfaces commonly used in the R&D community, specifically ROS or LabView. Our innovative robots (e.g. the MotoMini, GP7, HC10 or SDA Dual Arm Robots) are sought-after platforms to work on innovative ideas.

Motoman Robot Education Packages and Cells

Please ask for our dedicated robot packages and complete training cells.

FORobotics - Mobile cooperating Robot Teams

Yaskawa Motoman Software Development Kits and APIs

We are offering Software functions and programming tools allowing deep integration of your code with the robot, including Motoplus C++ SDKMotoCOM and MotoGSI.

MotoSim Offline Simulation Packages

For non-commercial use (Universities, Education and R&D) we are offering attractive bundles and classroom packages of our easy-to-learn MotoSim Offline Simulation Software. Please contact us for more details!

Motoman Robots and ROS / ROS Industrial

Since the beginning, YASKAWA Motoman have been actively supporting ROS, the ROS consortium, the ROS community and ROS Industrial. All Motoman Robots and recent or current Robot controller generations are supporting ROS on different layers. You will find all drivers and installation manuals on the official ROS Server.

Motoman Robots and National Instruments Labview

Motoman Robots and Controllers are supported by NI LabView.



Motoman Robots and MathWorks MatLab

Motoman Robots and YASKAWA Controllers are supporting MatLab.