New compact ArcWorld cells for robot-based arc welding

01. August 2019

Increase throughput flexibly and cost-effectively

YASKAWA is expanding its ArcWorld portfolio with the addition of two highly compact, turnkey, robot-based arc welding cells. At “Schweissen 2019” (10 September in Linz), the two newly developed products will also be presented in Austria for the first time.

YASKAWA is expanding its ArcWorld portfolio of turnkey, robot-based arc welding cells with the ArcWorld HS Micro (pictured here) and another very compact complete solution. (Source : YASKAWA)

The ArcWorld cell formula for success is simple: the MOTOMAN robot, positioner, controller and power source are grouped on a single platform – saving space and immediately ready for use. This allows the robot cell to be moved quickly and easily as required. It is also very easy to install and operate. The two new and so far most compact members of the product family now offer these advantages in a minimum of space: The ArcWorld RS Mini requires only 2.3 m² of floor space, the ArcWorld HS Micro only 1.4 m².

The compact cells thus offer a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective option for entry into automation or as a supplement to manual welding systems.

A manually operated turntable allows parts to be loaded while the workpieces are machined in the cell. This reduces downtime and increases part throughput.


Complete cell with housing, robot and welding package

Both compact cells are supplied complete with platform and housing, robot, welding package and all necessary accessories. The polycarbonate anti-glare housing completely encloses the robot and welding package, guaranteeing all safety standards. Welding packages from Kemppi (A7 Mig Welder 350), Esab (Aristo Mig 400i Pulse), Fronius (TPS 320i), Migatronic and other manufacturers are available on request. Each welding package contains a welding power source, the necessary cables, the wire feed and a welding torch.


Robust robot – MOTOMAN AR900

The robot used is a MOTOMAN AR900. The robot – which YASKAWA has also been manufacturing directly in Europe for some time – not only offers a high level of path accuracy, it is also completely IP67 rated. It can therefore be used for welding and other automation tasks in harsh environments without further modifications. Its slim and curved design allows the manipulator to dive deep into work areas, while its smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning of the robot. Only one robot cable is required for the connection between the manipulator and the controller. The advantages of this solution are lower wear and reduced space requirements. What is more, the cost of maintenance and spare part stock is reduced.

The MOTOMAN AR900 is controlled by the current MOTOMAN YRC1000 controller, which is also included in the package. This extremely compact controller enables optimum use of space and contains helpful functions from over 40 years of experience that support the welding process.

Flyer ArcWorld RS Mini & ArcWorld HS Micro


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