Sigma-7 Single Axis

The Sigma Series of Servo Drives has evolved into the Sigma-7 Servo Drives, which provides you with the ultimate experience in seven key areas and delivers the optimal solution that only YASKAWA can offer.

  • Comprehensive Motor and Amplifier Power Range from 50 W to 15 kW
  • Savings through Performance. Lower production costs, energy savings and higher productivity, no additional cooling necessary, Higher performance
  • Safety Features. Smooth integration of mandatory legal safety standards
  • High Efficiency. Very low heat generation
  • High Accuracy. Next level 24-bit absolute encoder for maximum accuracy
  • Impressive System Performance. Very high precision teamed up with fast, smooth operation
  • Outstanding Reliability. Even more reliability to your production.

Technical Details

Type Single Axis Amplifier
Range 50 W - 15 kW
Voltage 200 V AC
Interface Options EtherCAT
Analog Voltage/Pulse Train
Command Option Attachable Type

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