Board-type Machine Controller MP2100/MP2100M


Number of controlled axes:MP2100: 1 to 16 axes

  • Motion programs can be easily made on your personal computer with 51 motion application program interfaces (APIs)
  • Motion APIs are available to realize motion control using your industrial personal computer (IPC)
  • Motion network MECHATROLINK (10 Mbps) as a standard feature

Technical Details

Type Board-type Machine Controller
Controlled axes Up to 16/32
Features Half-size PCI card
High-speed, simple communications and controls with PC
Reduced wiring
Program capacity Sequence: 100 k steps
Motion: 800 k characters
Control functions Position control (positioning, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helical interpolation),
synchronized phase control,
speed control,
torque control,
Electronic CAM/Shaft
Accel/decel processing Linear, multi-stage linear, non-symmetric, S-curve
Program language Ladder diagram
Textual language (numerical operations, logic operations, etc.)
I/O DI: 5 points, DO: 4 points (can be extended by distributed I/O)
MP2100: can be extended by I/O module
Communication MECHATROLINK
MP2100: 1 line
MP2100M: 2 lines
International standard UL, c-UL, CE
(for further information, contact YASKAWA Europe GmbH)

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