MP2000iec Series

Ideal Motions with the MP2000iec Series.

MP2000iec Series

The MP2000iec Series Machine Controllers are based on three essentials, from which ideal Motion Control can be achieved on a wide variety of machines.

Maximizes speed with accurate motion control

High speeds in program processing and network communication are essential to maximize the output of intricate machines. The high-speed CPU used in the MP2000iec Series shortens the execution time of commands.

Widens application range with perfect control

Excellent synchronization of the controller is important in applications that require synchronous control on multiple axes. The MP2000iec Series can meet such requirements in various applications and improve machine precision.

Increases efficiency with easier IEC-based Motion Programming

Only a few programming languages provide an environment for simply coding all of the functionality of a modern automated machinery. MotionWorks® IEC encourages the programmer to take advantage of the best of several programming languages within one development package. MotionWorks IEC complies with IEC 61131-3, and provides five globally recognized standard programming languages. It includes motion function blocks that adhere to the PLCopen standard.

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