The importance of maintenance

Maintaining your equipment is a necessity!

The maintenance technician is therefore directly linked to the economy of your company. Its role is to eliminate any extra cost of repair and loss of performance due to poor maintenance of your installations.

Regular and scheduled maintenance is the easiest way to keep your production tools in continuous operation and running at maximum capacity.


Our expertise

With YASKAWA customers have direct contact and access to the robot, controller and drive technology manufacturer, as we have an in-house service department. You also get personalized follow-up and a report after each intervention on your equipment.

Our team of maintenance technicians travels all over the country, and YASKAWA carries out repairs with original parts and guarantees fair pricing. In addition to sending products for repair, YASKAWA also provides a repair exchange service and individual reconditioning services for YASKAWA robots and components.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

YASKAWA offers you various contracts for the maintenance and servicing of your industrial equipment.

  • MOTOMAX Contract
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Service Contract
MOTOMAX Contract

100% of spare parts

100% of parts delivery costs

100% of travel expenses

100% of preventive maintenance

Plus items of the Service Contract : Hotline 24-hour 6/7, access to the stock of spare parts 24/7, intervention under 24 hours.

Maintenance Contract

Preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and adapted to the latest technical developments.

Intervention within 24 hours maximum

Preferential tariff for repairs

Priority Telephone Hotline

Discount on spare parts

Service Contract

Hotline 6am-10pm 5/7 (monday to friday)

Hotline 24-hour 6/7 (monday to saturday)

Hotline 24/7

Access to the stock of spare parts 24/7 

Intervention under 8/12/24 hours

* possible options for the Maintenance Contract

The goal of YASKAWA is to help customers integrate products into production processes, perform necessary repairs and preventive maintenance, and execute programming tasks related to their applications. YASKAWA also offers individualized maintenance and service contracts.


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