About our ACADEMY

Your success is our motivation

One key to success is the appropriate education of your staff. The YASKAWA ACADEMY offers you a broad range of courses tailored to the Level of knowledge of participants - from entry-level to expert. Our course Programme is modular and ofers the right Training module for nearly all applications and every Level of knowledge.

The objective of YASKAWA ACADEMY

  • Make you gain knowledge and skills
  • Provide new qualifications
  • Guarantee more security for your business /institution /systems
  • Support the anticipation of problems rather than their resolution
  • Optimize the productivity of our customers/partners
  • Guarantee your success

The pedagogy of YASKAWA

Our trainings are organized around theoretical courses and practical exercises. A control of the assimilation of knowledge is carried out on a regular basis by the trainer throughout the duration of the training. In order to develop the participation and interactivity of the courses, we gather a maximum of 6 trainees for training in our YASKAWA ACADEMY Center and 3 trainees for on-site training.

Our training team

Our trainings are provided by a team of experienced trainers which are at the cutting edge of technology. Competent and motivated, they are committed to share their knowledge and technical know-how. Their goal is to make you gain skills in a work atmosphere as pleasant as possible.

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